Finding an “unused” AN-M30 isn’t easy.  If you’ve got one, let us know, we’d love to steal it.

bombs away

The Ellen Jane carried seven, 100 pound bombs on external mounts.

On training runs, the Ellen Jane carried the M38A2 100 lb, practice bomb (below).   These were filled with a water/sand mix and had a small explosive charge that would produce enough smoke to allow the impact point to be spotted.

They built a lot of these during WWII.

Don’t confuse the M38A2 with the common MarK15!  

These were NOT used in WWII but during Vietnam.  Note the “pointed” nose of the M38A2 vs. the “round” nose on the newer model.

People pay $300 or more on Ebay but you can buy them at many surplus stores for much less.

We’ve even seen them painted green and being sold as “real” AN-M30’s!  

Detailed replicas  are available at:

Click here for the AN-M30 datasheet

Click here for the M38A2 datasheet.

On combat missions, she carried the AN-M30 100 lb General Purpose bomb outfitted with a contact fuse on the nose and a pressure sensitive fuse in the tail (courtesy of Sven).