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As WWII is heating up in Europe,

so are things in the jungles of Brazil.


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Oshkosh 2012

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Volume II:

The Long Haul

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Surrounded by Nazi spies, a clandestine team of misfits has hatched a crazy plan to defend Brazil against a German insurrection.


It's a game of high stakes propaganda poker. Unfortunately, the only cards they have in their hand are a passenger plane, an airstrip hidden in the jungle and guy who makes really good pancakes.


The easy part was converting a Beech 18 into a fighter/bomber, just add a machine gun turret and some bomb racks and the Ellen Jane was born.


Hiding their homemade warbird from the Nazis, and Brazil’s dictator, is not so easy.  Add a couple of jealous females and the turbulence begins.




The team leader and chief pilot. He came to Brazil to fly airplanes. Getting caught between two women was not in the flight plan.

(Don’t let the “romance” label scare you. The story has enough action for the guys, enough romance for the ladies and just enough politics and religion to offend everyone.)

The Flight Crew:


She came to Brazil on a mission: find the man who ruined her mother's life. Then kill him. A French doll with a nice face, a nice body and a not-so-nice reputation, she soon learns that fighting the Nazis won’t be the only challenge.


A sincere but uptight missionary who isn’t too excited about letting Mark set up an airbase at her jungle airstrip. Turns out that she has good reasons for being so uptight.



Was sent by his father to help the Nazis. Things haven’t worked out as expected.

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